Standard Uckers Board

1 x wooden uckers board game

(uckers board size 440x440x12mm approx)

16 wooden uckers counters

4 x red, blue, green, yellow

2 x uckers dice  Price £38+p&p (UK)

Uckers Board Game Description:

The uckers board is hand made with a traditional printed uckers game design on one side and an '8 piecing scroll of shame' on the reverse.

Both sides of the uckers board are laminated for playing durability.

The uckers board edges have a wooden frame to give it a nice finish.


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Custom Photo
Uckers Board
Game Design.

Same specification as Standard Board with
the addition of your favourite photos.

Price £44 +p&p (UK)

Permission to use
photos required unless made available free of copyright.

Free Photo resources:



Following many requests from my
brother (ex Navy) & other forces associates we designed & developed
a decent sized Uckers Board.

Many prototypes were  made from
a variety of materials and up board
tested prior to the final product!

Still enjoy making them on a part time basis as a hobby.

Production update:  All Uckers Board Game orders up to 5th September dispatched. Making more boards end of  the month.

Email : to order.